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Modern Brush Lettering Workbook for Beginners - Calligraphy

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An ultimate guide to Modern Brush Lettering! This lettering workbook is an interactive and comprehensive workbook filled with lettering drills + basics, recommended tools, techniques, methods of connecting letters, exploring bouncy lettering + other lettering styles, practice sheets (breakdown of both uppercase + lowercase letters) and lettering compositions + templates. This workbook has a total of 144 pages divided into 12 sections, double-sided print, and 8.5" x 11" in size. Workbook Overview: The workbook introduces and includes step-by-step examples of the following: - Understanding the tools to get started - Common practice drills + practice sheets of the lettering drills - Connecting Letters + exploring common “difficult” connections - Techniques on how to achieve bouncy lettering - Exploring other styles (simple, bouncy, loose, etc.) - Exploring compositions and other typography styles - Multiple lettering templates and DIY project ideas