Meet The Team


Don is the president of Atlas Stationers. His grandfather started the company in 1939 in the Chicago Loop. Some of his favorite hobbies include discovering IPAs, listening to LPs with Mrs. Atlas, attending concerts at the Genesee Theater in Waukegan and boating on the Chain O’ Lakes. His favorite fine writing instrument is the Sailor King of Pens with the Stormy Seas finish.


Therese, otherwise known as Mrs. Atlas and momma T, is Don’s wife. Most famously known in Chicago as the super Bear’s fan who wears shorts every day (yes...even in the winter) until the Bears win the Superbowl. Most people don’t know that she can juggle WHILE riding a unicycle! She enjoys attending sporting events and spending time with her grandchildren. Therese loves every pen brand equally as she sees the beauty in them all!


Brian is the Vice President of Atlas Stationers. He is the oldest of the 4th generation to join the family business and has been with Atlas for 10 years. He oversees multiple departments including accounting, e commerce, shipping, and day-to-day operations. When Brian is not at Atlas, he is spending time with his wife and two children, Camden and Isabelle! His favorite hobbies include talkin’ sports, fantasy football, running, and going to Disney World with his family! His favorite pen is the Cross Quartz Blue Peerless!


Brendan is the youngest of the Atlas Family. He is fourth generation Atlas working closely with his parents and his older brother. He manages the retail store and enjoys meeting everyone who walks through the doors. He is highly addicted to fantasy football and loves all things sports. All he needs to have a good time is a nice IPA and a fine writing instrument. His all time favorite pen is the Pelikan M800 Stone Garden paired up with Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite ink.


Charles has been in the industry for over 40 years being recognized as a pen legend in Chicago. His favorite activities include practicing calligraphy, gardening and trying out new recipes while cooking. Charles enjoys every fine writing brand but puts Pilot at the top of his list. His all-time favorite fountain pen is the Pilot E95s.