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Faber-Castell HEXO Fountain Pen - Matte Black

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We type, we swipe, we post – so what role does handwriting actually still play? Writing is a process, a creative act, perfect for digital natives, who need more space for ideas than ever before and want to get them down on paper right away – without a screen.

“Write to create” is the theme for the new Hexo, which sets the stage for the creative force of writing as an analogue counter-trend – the ideal tool for making ideas grow. Its look is both striking and stylish: with its hexagonal aluminium shaft and cap in pink, silver and black, it brings a whole new perspective to creative writing, doodling and sketching. As a ballpoint pen, the Hexo comes with a large-capacity cartridge in standard format (line width B), with black, indelible ink. The fountain pen, with a stainless steel nib, is available in line widths M, F, EF and B and is suitable for both right-handers and left-handers. The rollerball pen can be used with either a fast-drying roller cartridge or a fineliner cartridge. All writing instruments are available in black, silver and pink.

Filling System: Standard International Cartridge / Converter (Not Included)

Nib: Steel