Rock, Paper, Scissors? Rock For The Win

By Jennifer Houghton

Pens, ink, and paper. These are my mainstays. And the one I often struggle with as a self-professed lover of trees is paper.

I try to go with recycled, or other paper replacements, but finding something that functions well and meets some degree of environmental kindness is not easy. Or at least that was the case until Brendan handed me a Karst Stone Paper Notebook. 

Karst is an Australian company that is B-Corp certified. They make waterproof, tear-resistant, 100% recyclable, and tree-free products. 

The A5 lined notebook I tested has a sturdy hardcover and the smoothest, softest paper I’ve ever used. We all know that when using fountain pens, the paper has a significant impact on how the inks appear. And we know which papers feather or bleed through. Karst does neither of these. 

The company gives a warning to fountain pen users and I think it is fair to mention the details now. They have found that some fountain pens may take longer to dry than ballpoints. This is a result of the stone paper absorbing less ink than regular paper. They also suggest that you may need to alter your grip, angle, or how hard you press down when writing on the page.

I have tried various ink brands on the paper and it does take a little longer to dry, which might be an issue if you need to rush through some writing. And I do find that I press more lightly to get the same ink flow. 

But, for me, this isn’t a reason to not use the paper. Maybe I should pause a little longer before turning the page. Maybe I should stop to watch the ink (and my thoughts) solidify on the page. Maybe taking time to absorb everything isn’t a bad lesson to garner from a notebook page. 

If you want to give the one I tried out a whirl, click on the link:

This notebook is now my new go-to and I plan to snatch up other colors on my next order. I encourage you to give it a try. Who knows, you might stretch out the life of that now discontinued ink that you love.

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