Bring on the 2022 Chicago Pen Show

By Jennifer Houghton

If you’ve been counting down the days, then you know that the Chicago Pen Show is almost here. I’m almost embarrassed to confess my level of excitement. But enough about me, let’s talk about the event.

For the general public, the event kicks off at 12 noon on Friday, April 29th. But, if you want to infiltrate the world of fountain pen lovers, consider purchasing a weekend pass and hanging out informally as early as Thursday. Check out all the details (including seminars, hotel room information, and schedule) by heading to their website:

Last year, I offered tips and words of wisdom I gleaned from others. This year, I’m going to share my own wisdom after attending the 2021 event. 

First, do not be intimidated. This is about community. I assumed that the event would be populated with people who were way outside my league in knowledge and expertise. There were so many people showing off things I had never seen or heard of and it was amazing. Why? Because everyone has a deep love of the items they are there to promote. 

The closest analogy I can offer is how when one runner meets another runner and the conversation inevitably takes an hour because you HAVE to talk about races and experiences. Your non-runner friends and family start rolling their eyes and wondering why they ever got involved with you in the first place. 

These are my people, these are your people, these are our people. It’s our community and I, for sure, need some time together after the last couple of years. 

Second, you will find new things to fall in love with. Come prepared. I recommend some cash and your wishlist. Atlas will have a table and great deals! You can even meet Mr. Hollywood himself, aka Brendan. 

Atlas is thrilled to be a sponsor of this year’s event and we cannot wait to meet our friends in person. See you there!

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