I Clicked With The Monteverde Ritma

By Jennifer Houghton

Monteverde is doing all the things that catch my attention with their Ritma pen. The Ritma is a Special Annual Collectible Edition pen for 2022. It is carbon fiber and is just the right version of classy for someone looking to snag a sharp black pen in the $100 and under price point.

Let me tell you about the two things that turned my head. First, it has a magnetic cap. I love, love, love a pen with a cap that snaps shut. No disrespect to the pens that have screw-on caps, because I have many, but all things being equal that can be a make or break feature for me. It pops on and off like magic and I love it.

The second thing that makes me giddy about this pen is the color of the nib. It’s a beautiful black shade that shines. Give me a nib that is not gold or silver colored and I will spend my cash all day long.

I tested the Omniflex nib. I love a good medium or broad nib for most of my writing. And any time I see the word flex associated with a nib, I imagine there will be a lot of give. Like, I imagine the nib basically being springy, which is how my mind works. This nib is solid and sturdy with a moderate amount of flex. I did not experience any significant give as I wrote with it. Actually, it felt like a good match for my nib preferences.

One thing I will tell you to keep in mind if you decide to buy this beautiful pen: keep a polishing cloth handy. The polished gunmetal accents on the pen are sleek and shiny. They also picked up my fingerprints like they were working for the FBI.


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