How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Inks

I know what you’re thinking! Hey, Jennifer, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’m still waiting on you to give me some ink options to write up my love letters. What gives?

Look, I understand time is of the essence and I’ve got some options to share, but let’s cut to one thing you need to know before we review some inks.

I am not a pink girl. Nope, not even a little bit. If you see me with something pink you know it's a sign that I’m being abducted (probably by aliens or worse: non fountain pen enthusiasts).

That being said, let’s talk about your traditional Valentine’s Day palette options.

I assembled a crew of various shades of red that were handy at Atlas. With swatches in hand, I collected twelve samples for consideration. The colors vary from soft reds to dark reds with an almost purplish hue.

Without further ado, here is my list for your beautiful love letters composed with fountain pens this holiday:

For a traditional bright red, I recommend either the Esterbrook Scarlet or Edelstein Garnet. I personally found Esterbrook to be so delightful that I will be buying a bottle of my own. Not for love letters, just editing documents.

For reds that move from a sharp to subtle shade, I would recommend in descending brightness Pilot Momiji; Herbin Corail des Tropiques; Pineider Rosso Red; and Pilot Kosumosu.

If you prefer your red with a hint of purple, Pilot Tsutsuji is a good choice. But, if you prefer your red more like a dark wine, I’m a big fan of Diamine’s Writer’s Blood. I also love the name of this ink.

Burgundy shades that are a little brighter hue are Jacques Herbin’s Rouge d’Orient and a darker hued Herbin in Rouge Grenat.

Finally, no party is complete without a couple of sparklers. For a cheery gold-flecked ink, give Jacques Herbin’s Rouge Hématite a go. Or, grab a gorgeous shade I discovered around the holidays that shimmers with the best of them, Ferris Wheel Press Wonderous Winterberry.

We all know that I’m not the foremost authority on shades of red, nor does this cover every option available, but these suggestions are my personal preferences. If you want to weigh in, follow Atlas on Instagram for your chance to vote for your favorite red this Valentine’s Day.

And if anyone wants to be my Valentine, send me a love letter written in something green, or blue, or maybe yellow. Surprise me.

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