New Year, New Vibe

By Jennifer Houghton

New Year, New Me! Amiright? Let’s talk about the way the A-team has decided to approach 2022.

If you haven’t stepped inside the redesigned Atlas Stationers storefront yet, the vibe is openness.

January is a month where I like to let go of the things that weren’t working for me, rearrange the furniture, or purge the things sitting in my closet unused. The Atlas clan has renovated, relocated, and readied a portion of the store to make the shopping experience better than ever. What that means is that you have a more expansive area to meander through the gifts, stationary, and inks.

If you want to eyeball all of those super cool Jellycat plush animals, you can actually stand in one spot and see them all. They will woo you with their cuteness and ask you to take them home. (I see you holiday reindeer and I’m checking my home for space for your stable.)

There is even a dedicated kid’s section. You can absolutely bring your kids and they will find something of interest to take home!

The redesign is simple, but definitely a good change in a year that I’m hopeful will bring positive outcomes. When I walked in, I stopped in my winter-booted tracks and said, “Wow”!

You’ll see more changes over the course of 2022, but for now take advantage of the Stage One renovation closeouts. That means savings on items that are making way for the new energy of 2022.

Check out the inks and Rhodia notebooks. And if there’s pen in the last chance section that you’ve been eyeballing, grab it at a great discount before it disappears.

Click here ( for all the items on their way out, like 2021.                                   

What’s ahead for the year?

  • More improvements in our physical space;
  • Our ink swatches will be coming online soon (the physical book is up-to-date - thanks, Alvin!); and
  • All the contests and live streams that you know and love.

Stay tuned. As they say, the best is yet to come. Now, I’m off to shop the closeouts.


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