Conklin Brings Showers of Flowers

By Jennifer Houghton

If you are counting down the days until Spring, you might want to grab the limited edition Duragraph from Conklin.

The Spring Garden limited edition pen is exactly what I needed to see in these last gloomy weeks of winter. The pen is limited to 300 pieces and makes a great pick-me-up option in the sub $100 price point.

The colors on this pen are pure spring bouquets. The body is a beautiful display of what can best be described as an impressionist painting in all the hues of every beautiful bud of springtime. If you are feeling glum over the gray skies, this pen will give you a beautiful ray of hope to tide you over until we reach the first day of Spring.

I tested the Stub nib and it was a solid writer. I love a good stub nib for doing addresses on birthday cards and other correspondence. This pen gave me a consistent ink flow during writing. (I used Visconti’s Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman ink.)

I love the silver trim and the resin of the body is nearly my ideal weight for every day writing: not too heavy, not too light. If you aren’t excited about a stub nib, the Duragraph also comes in fine, medium, broad, or omniflex.

For me, the one thing that I could complain about is the cap. I love the click of a magnetic closure cap. Sure, I have caps that screw on, but truth be told, I lean just a little in the direction of laziness, er I mean, convenience inclined.

If Spring is calling you, click on the link to go directly to this product:

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