A Work Of Art You Can Hold In Your Hands

By Jennifer Houghton

There’s magic in small numbers. Limited edition items are always coveted. Add to that a unique artistry and you’ll understand why viewing David Oscarson’s pens in person is a must-have experience.

On October 27th, Atlas Stationers will host the dapper gentleman at their storefront. Specifically, Oscarson will be highlighting his latest release: Deus Regit (God Rules), which will be featured in Pen World Magazine. 

Deus Regit is the 37th limited edition collection from Oscarson, which will come in 5 color variations with a total of 88 pieces. According to his materials, this collection shows God’s power and might with a scepter containing a diamond contrasting against a ruby-eyed adversary, pictured as a serpent, on the opposing side of the pen. 

He will also be showing his two prior collections at Atlas: Take It To The Limit (TITTL) and Nikola Tesla. 

TITTL is a 100-piece collection that celebrates driving and the open road. Engraved on the gripping section is the quote, “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough”. These pens feature carbon fiber guilloche and Hot Enamel processes.

Nikola Tesla is an 86-piece collection in three color variations. It includes Tesla’s signature and elements of his inventions like the Tesla Coil and the AC Generator. Both Tesla and TITTL are crafted from solid sterling silver. 

Check out more about Oscarson and his collections by heading to his website at  https://www.davidoscarson.com . Or, head to Atlas online at https://www.atlasstationers.com/collections/david-oscarson .

When a pen is labored over so completely, the essence of the creator’s work ethic is undeniably enmeshed in each piece. Which is why I think you should always take the opportunity to witness an exquisite piece of art like these pens. A David Oscarson pen is a work of art worth whatever amount of time you can find to see it. Or for those of us saving, a glimpse of what’s possible in our hope to one day own one. 

I am personally a fan of the Sea Turtle collection. Which is your favorite?

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