Lamy Fountain Pen Nib - Black Gold

Lamy Fountain Pen Nib - Black Gold

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Whether for writing comfort or good looks: a gold nib always makes the difference. In high-quality writing implements it contributes to creating a refined and harmonious overall look. The 14 carat bicolour gold nibs from Lamy are part platinised and ensure a particularly harmonious and rounded script.

Oblique Nibs

Anyone who tends towards a slanted grip when writing should try out one of these nibs: "left oblique medium" (OM), "left oblique broad" (OB) and "left oblique extra broad" (OBB). These nibs are ideal for anyone seeking to "balance out" a slanted grip, or writers who value the variations in stroke arising from the particular cut of these nibs. The width of the selected nib should be matched to the size of the script here, too.