The 4th Annual March Madness Fountain Pen Tournament hosted by Atlas Stationers is here! 64 of the community’s favorite fountain pens will square off head-to-head tournament style!

The tournament will feature four regions of 16 unique fountain pens. The Four Regions: Champs, Almost There, First Timers, and Underdogs.

Overview: Atlas Stationers is excited to present the 4th Annual Fountain Pen Tournament Challenge! Fill out the tournament bracket, submit it, and have a chance to win big prizes.

How to Play: Find the bracket here and determine your champion! Each round will consist of “games” between two of the community’s favorite fountain pens. Choose the winner for each game and move that pen to the next round. Continue until your champion pen is selected.

*Please note once you submit your prediction bracket you will not be able to make changes.  If you submit your bracket and need to make a change please email our customer service team - info@atlasstationers.com

Submit your bracket by Thursday, March 8, 2024 to be eligible to win. At the sole discretion of Atlas Stationers, incorrectly filled out brackets may be voided. Limit of one bracket submission per person.

After the submission deadline has passed, your bracket is locked in. Next, the voting round begins!

How the Winner of Each Game Will be Chosen: Participants will vote for their favorite pen in each matchup (see voting schedule below). The pen that receives the majority vote will move on to the next round. For example, let’s say the first game in the “Champ” region is ‘PEN A’ versus ‘PEN B’. If more participants vote for ‘PEN A’ over ‘PEN B’, ‘PEN A’ wins and will advance to the next round. For each correct “game” picked, points will be awarded to your bracket’s overall score.

Tournament Schedule (CDT):
(IG Live = Instagram Live Video @atlasstationers)

Bracket ReleasedFebruary 23
Bracket Submission DeadlineMarch 8
Round 1 VotingMarch 11 - 14
Round 1 ResultsMarch 15
Round 2 VotingMarch 16 - 19
Round 2 ResultsMarch 20
Round 3 VotingMarch 21 - 24
Round 3 ResultsMarch 25
Quarterfinals VotingMarch 26 - 28
Quarterfinals ResultsMarch 29
Semifinals VotingMarch 30 - 31
Semifinals ResultsApril 1
Championship VotingApril 2 - 4
Championship ResultsApril 5

Scoring: Your bracket will be awarded points for each correct “winner”. The awarded points increase after each round.

Round 1: 4 points
Round 2: 8 points
Round 3: 12 points
Quarterfinals: 16 points
Semifinals: 20 points
Championship: 24 points

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the top five scoring brackets at the end of the tournament. Additionally, prizes will be awarded to the top scoring bracket after each round (independently). Should there be a tie, a random drawing will be held. All participants who submit a bracket successfully, will be entered into a Visconti Homo Sapiens giveaway! Winners of each round will be announced on Instagram Live and will be contacted based on the information they left when submitting the bracket. Each prize will be complimented with a Ferris Wheel Press Ink Bottle! Must live in the U.S. as prizes will ship at no-charge.

First Place Overall: Pineider Arco
Second Place Overall: Pelikan M800
Third Place Overall: S.T. Dupont Defi Millennium
Fourth Place Overall: Delta DV Mid Size
Fifth Place Overall: Pelikan M200

Top Score Round of 64: Waterman Expert
Top Score Round of 32: Pilot Vanishing Point
Top Score Round of 16: Otto Hutt D03
Top Score Round of 8: Diplomat Aero
Top Score Round of 4:  Lamy 2000
Top Score Round of 2: Platinum #3776

Extra Prizes For Voting Sessions
Conklin Misto, Pilot Explorer, Laban 325, Lamy Safari, Benu Euphoria, Monteverde Ritma, Nahvalur Nautilus, Caran d'Ache 849, Parker 51, Sheaffer 300, Esterbrook Estie, Faber-Castell Ambition

Thank you to all our sponsors who help make the Fountain Pen Tournament Challenge such an amazing event.  A big shoutout to Yafa, Kenro Industries, Luxury Brands, Coles of London, Faber-Castell, Pilot, Newell Brands, Lamy, Pelikan, and Ferris Wheel Press.