Weekly Wrap Up 🌯 (Week of April 28th, 2024)

The Chicago Pen Show is here! As we welcome pen enthusiasts near and far, we’d like to remind our wonderful customers to hydrate throughout each day, be courteous to everyone you meet, and make a list for your pen needs. We recommend setting a budget (and mindfully disregarding it) and bringing a notebook to test pens and circle back to vendors you’d like to see throughout the weekend.

Now that you’re prepared for this weekend, let’s dive into some new items that arrived in the shop this week:

  • “Because we have only met vaguely, like the morning fog, I continue to love you as if my life were about to end.” The new Sailor Manyo in Love 5th Anniversary inks are based on poems about unrequited love. Inspired by the nature mentioned in each poem, Sailor released five new ink colors that are boxed in foil-stamped boxes. The Sailor Manyo inks are best known for their shading properties and these are sure to add character to your handwriting.
  • Hollywood’s most famous mouse is now making an appearance on a Benu Euphoria fountain pen! If you’re a fan of the mouse, this pen is a winner! Each Euphoria is hand-painted and highlights beautiful resin barrels.
  • Take your writing to new heights with newest release of the Diplomat Aero now available in Brass Stripes! We know the Aero has a huge following in the pen community so we’re excited to see a new colorway to add to your collections.

Things we’re excited for:

  • Build your own exclusive Berry Kaweco Sport when you visit our shop between May 9 and 17. We’re bringing in a special machine for this in-store only event, so keep an eye out for more details in the coming week.
  • We finally opened the pre-order for the Delta Duna in Red Abalone, the initial collaboration between Delta and Atlas Stationers that embodies sophistication, skill, and creative expression. The resin is sourced from the renowned Jonathon Brooks of Carolina Pen Company and showcases a captivating array of colors, blending whites, blacks, blues, and vibrant reds. This Atlas exclusive is another showstopper, so definitely secure yours while you can!

If you’re in town for the Chicago Pen Show, definitely stop by our table to introduce yourself and say hello. We love meeting our fellow pen enthusiasts and always make it a point to answer your questions. If you can’t make it to Hoffman Estates, our store in downtown Chicago will continue to be open on Friday (9am to 5pm) and Saturday (10am to 2pm). Either way, stop by and show Team Atlas some love.

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay smooth.

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