The Chicago Pen Show Is Where It’s At

You cannot tell me that spring has returned until I see the Chicago Pen Show website is live with hotel and weekend pass information. And, folks, it is back.

I’ve already cleared the dates and made sure to let all my friends know. So, pop over to their website ( and make sure to purchase your pass and book a room if you need one. Atlas will be a sponsor and slinging pens all weekend. Will you be there May 5th-7th?

Fountain pen enthusiasts are a lot like runners. We don’t care if you are brand new to the hobby and at your first pen show. We are just glad you are joining us.

One of the greatest parts of pen shows, in my opinion, are the friendships and community that develop over our shared passion. We love to see the faces that go with the handles on social media. It’s great to hold a pen you may never buy (or maybe not buy right away) or learn something new or just geek out that you met Hollywood from Atlas Stationers.

I found myself in Baltimore at a pen show earlier this month. And what I loved the most was the hugs from the people I hadn’t seen since last year. Finding a few pens that I knew I needed to add to my collection and just taking in the energy of people congregating to bask in fountain pen love.

Now, look! I know I’m not going to win the Fountain Pen Tournament this year (or probably any year), but I can make time to appreciate craftsmanship; get a pen I’ve dropped repaired (don’t ask, I refuse to confess how); and spend some money on a new treasure (or two or three or whatever the credit card limit is). Come out and make some new friends, connect over pens, and hang out at the show. It’s our time, Chicago! Let’s get it!

- Jennifer Houghton


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