So Many Pens, So Little Space

By Jennifer Houghton

When I realized I was going to start using fountain pens, I decided I needed a case. You know, a place of safekeeping for my new investments. 

My initial thought was to pick up a nice leather case and store my entire collection in it. So, I picked up a 5-pen Galen leather case that would also accommodate an A5 notebook and some other small items. 

Pretty funny, huh? That I thought a 5-pen case would accommodate my collection. Fast forward to 2022 and I’m not even sure how many pens I actually own. It’s a trivia question that even Brendan wouldn’t want to ask. 

What I do know is that I have enough pens of varying levels of expense that a new case was in order. Enter Atlas and their options for fountain pen storage.

I had a freebie case that I had been using and it would have worked great had I not been the type of person who likes pens that are a bit hefty. If I pick up a pen and it feels lightweight, it probably won’t be coming home with me. That means my needs are a little more specific.

Here’s what I’ve opted to use for now: the Girologio and the Esterbrook.

The Girologio works great for my heavier pens because of the double strap design and strong stitching. Also, I love that classy Bomber Brown color. The version pictured holds 48 pens and has a velcro piece to buffer the left and right side of the case. What I imagine was designed to prevent my pens from bumping into each other and getting into an alternation. 


I love the Esterbrook Nook because of the way it nestles my pens. And I could not be more excited by the magnetic closure of that case. It is super fun to pop open and close. I picked up the 6-pen version to accommodate my “high-end pens”. 


Clearly there are other sizes, colors, and options that you can explore. And Atlas has a great selection for whatever you might be in need of. 

Which case do you have your eye on? 

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