Chicago Pen Show Lesson #2

Lesson #2: What calls to us has a purpose and a meaning that belongs only to us.

What draws you to a specific pen? Is it color, design, hype?

Mama T and I discussed this very topic at the Pen Show. Be sure to ask her about her research on colors the next time you pop into the store. For me, though, I tend to ascribe meaning to the objects I gather into my collection. See if these scenarios ring true to your preferences. 

A woman and her friend arrived at the Atlas table on Sunday and immediately eyed the Nahvalur pen. It was a stunning pen that many, many people picked up over the weekend. But, this particular woman had a strong connection to it. She had some unplanned expenses that were changing her budget for this pen show, but the pen was calling to her.

You know what I’m talking about, right? The yearning that rises up when you see the pen. The deep, emotional pull that whispers, “This is for you.” That’s how it felt to me, but I was standing next to the Limited Edition Montegrappa Lord of the Rings Doom pen for three days, so it may have rubbed off on me.

The colors that glimmered in the not so ideal hotel conference room lighting were the same colors radiating on her fingernails. There was no question the design and colors belonged to this individual. And it didn’t take long for her to arrive at the same conclusion, new brakes on the car be d***ed!

Or maybe you have a specific event that you want to hold close to your heart. One woman at a show was drawn to the Visconti Van Gogh because her grandfather had passed away and there were sunflowers at his funeral. We talked about the love of grandparents and while she also was budgeting for the weekend, she ended up buying the pen to remind herself of her loved one. 

People always say it isn’t about “things”. But, I disagree. Sometimes it is very much about the item that keeps your heart and memories connected to a person or an experience. And I applaud our desire to remain connected through pens that make our heart skip or pens that keep our grandfather foremost in our mind. 

So, what draws you to a pen? What memories do you connect with a pen in your collection? Tell us about them in the comments.

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