34th Annual Sidewalk Sale

This is the 34th Annual Sidewalk Sale and our first in-person, post-COVID! We want everyone attending to know that we take your safety seriously. While the outdoor portion is mask free (per current CDC guidance) we are being cautious and wearing masks inside the store. We welcome any questions, just reach out to us! Any details or updates can be found at www.atlasstationers.com.

Why does a store start hosting a sidewalk sale? Well, for us, it was originally a way to clear out older merchandise in the weeks leading up to Halloween and Christmas. You know, making room for the candy corn and fa-la-la-la’s. What started out as a one-day event has grown to two full days because the people demanded it (and we needed to be sure that we could cover any situation Mother Nature threw our way).

If you stopped in during the early days, you probably remember seeing only Atlas employees. But, as things expanded, vendors and manufactures wanted to join in. Who doesn’t enjoy a family business hosting a party, I mean sale, in the Loop? Atlas is friendly and fun! So, by bringing in vendors, customers get the added benefit of having their products and special promotions onsite.