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Jacques Herbin

Jacques Jacques Herbin- Shogun - 50ml Bottled Ink

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Kenzo Takada is recognized worldwide as one of the most famous creators and designers of his generation. His recognizable style combines multicultural inspirations with a distinct Japanese touch.

Kenzo Takada sadly passed away just as the partnership with Jacques Herbin, who was dear to him, had started. This ink is thus a homage to this exceptional man.

Creating was Kenzo Takada’s passion, a powerful drive to always bring beauty to the fore. The Herbin Shogun Ink by Kenzo Takada twilight-colored ink, reminiscent of a beautiful night of stars, is coated with fine red and gold shimmer. The resulting hue is reminiscent of certain armors from the Shogun era, for which Kenzo Takada held a fine appreciation.