Tibaldi Infrangible Ballpoint Pen - Taupe Grey

Tibaldi Infrangible Ballpoint Pen - Taupe Grey

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With a pretty authentically Italian name, the Infrangibile pen takes you back to the ‘30s “golden age” style with a modern take on classics.

Subdued elegance surrenders to casual glamour, and a stunningly harmonious silhouette exalts l’esprit du temps.

Glossy resins and shiny steel accents confer the keen sense of now, promising the finishing touch to your feel-good look. The new Infrangibile pen, available as fountain, rollerball and ballpoint, is a sleek trending spot to succumb to.

Embrace the new rules of attraction and be part of what is yet to come, become the master of your own style!

Taupe grey resin cap ballpoint pen with stainless steel trim. Made-in-Italy.