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Monteverde Mountains of the World Fountain Pen - Ruby | Atlas Stationers.

Monteverde Mountains of the World Fountain Pen - Ruby

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The Ruby Mountains are a mountain range, primarily located within Elko County with a small extension into White Pine County, in Nevada, United States. The 'Rubies' were named after the garnets found by early explorers. The central core of the range shows extensive evidence of glaciation during recent ice ages. Glaciers gouged out basins that are now alpine lakes. The larger concentration of these is all located in the central core of the range. Monteverde® Ruby pen is inspired by the immense beauty and grandeur of these natural monuments. The design features high-quality resin in red, transparent, and grey representing the ruby color and the mountain peak. Polished chrome rings and clip adorn the cap further enhancing the elegance of these unique pens. Following its predecessors, the shape of the pen remains almost the same, however, the new design elements of the collection feature a matching resin endpoint with the metal ring, and a matching resin front section, which advances the look and feel of the pen.

Filling System: Standard International Cartridge / Converter (Included)

Nib: Steel