Monteverde Mountains of the World Fountain Pen - Everest

Monteverde Mountains of the World Fountain Pen - Everest

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Mount Everest towers over the world at 29,035 feet in the Himalayas, making it the world’s tallest mountain. Although it is covered with snow and ice all year round, winds of up to 200 mph often leave the sheer cliffs near the summit as a beautiful mosaic of black and white. The specially selected acrylic resin in this collection perfectly illustrates the chaos and beauty of the awesome spectacle that is Mount Everest. Warm days at the summit consist of rough conditions at a chilling -2 ºFahrenheit, but can drop as low as -76 ºF in the coldest months. The harrowing experience of exploring Mount Everest is an incredible adventure that has been honored with the creation of these pens. Even a yeti would value a design as sleek as the Mount Everest pen.

Filling System: Standard International Cartridge / Converter (Included)

Nib: Steel