Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen - Marshmallow

Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen - Marshmallow

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In 2000 BCE the Egyptians considered marshmallows so sacred that they were reserved for Pharaohs and Gods. In the mid-nineteenth century marshmallows were so popular that French patisseries couldn’t keep up with the demand for the fluffy bon bons. Today, we associate marshmallows with wintry treats and cups of cocoa, both hallmarks of the holiday season.

Introducing the Montegrappa Fortuna Marshmallow.

Limited to 100 pieces this Limited Edition Fortuna is evocative of all the things we love about marshmallows.

Snowflake white resin is dotted with the colors of vintage powder puffs, French macarons, pastel hued gelati, circus cotton candy and a fruity medley of strawberry, lemon and lime mini marshmallows.

The Fortuna Marshmallow celebrates all that is sweet about this confection and the festive season. It will delight and enchant all who add it to their fountain pen collection.