Esterbrook Estie Rollerball Pen - Maraschino w/ Silver Trim

Esterbrook Estie Rollerball Pen - Maraschino w/ Silver Trim

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Our new Estie harkens back to the nostalgic 1950’s in Camden, NJ. Ice cream parlors were a gathering place on warm summer nights and soda fountains were long counters with swivel seats in pharmacies and five and dimes. Jukeboxes were playing Nat King Cole, Miles Davis, Sinatra, Elvis and the Beatles. A trip for ice cream was a multi-generational affair and egg creams, malted and milkshakes were all on the menu. Perhaps the most delicious of all the summer treats, was the classic ice cream sundae. Vanilla ice cream, homemade hot fudge, a sprinkle of peanuts, a swirl of whipped cream, and most important of all, a cherry on top.

In honor of this delectable delight we’re celebrating summer with the Estie Maraschino, a toast to a symbol of Americana: the ice cream parlor, with a juicy red addition to the Esterbrook line-up. Available in our oversized and standard sized models, in both silver and gold trim. Esterbrook Esties feature a blended and turned acrylic made with a mix of colors and a high polished finish and also use a cushion cap closure provides a secondary seal to ensure a wet point.

And just like the summer, this Estie will disappear as quickly as the cherry atop a sundae.


  • Weight: 24g overall
  • Measurements: 5.9″ closed, 5″ open, 6.7″ posted