Inaugural Fountain Pen Tournament Challenge 2021




Overview:  Atlas Stationers is excited to present the Inaugural Fountain Pen Tournament Challenge.  Fill out the tournament bracket, submit it, and win big prizes.


How to Play: Download or print the Tournament Bracket.  Each round will consist of “games” between two of the community’s favorite fountain pens.  Choose the winner for each game and move that pen on to the next round by indicating the pen’s name in the space provided for the next round.  Continue on until your champion pen is in the “Champion!” spot. 


Submit completed bracket with your name to or by dropping it off at Atlas by 4:00 p.m. CDT on Thursday, March 18, 2021 to be eligible to win.  At the sole discretion of Atlas Stationers, illegible or incorrectly filled out brackets will be voided.  Limit of one bracket submission per person.


How the Winner of Each Game Will be Chosen:  Each bracket submitted by the deadline will be entered into the pool. The winner of each “game” will be determined by the total score each pen accumulates from each participant’s bracket. For example, if you pick the Parker 51 to win the first round, it will gain two points to its running total. If you pick the Parker 51 to win it all, it will gain 64 points to its running total. After all brackets have been submitted and the deadline passes, we will add up the total scores of each pen by accumulating the points based on where each participant placed said pen in their bracket. If the Parker 51 has more total points after finalizing the point accumulation than the Sheaffer Legacy, it will be the winner of that “game” and advance to the next round. We will keep this method until we are crowned a champion. Essentially, whichever pen has the most total points based on placement from every participant’s bracket, will win the tournament.


Scoring:  Each round awards points for the winner of each game. 


Round of 64: 2 Points
Round of 32: 4 Points
Sweet 16: 6 Points
Elite Eight: 10 Points
Final Four: 17 Points
Championship: 25 Points


The winning pen of each game will be announced via Instagram @atlasstationers, as follows:

First round:                      Saturday, March 20

Second round:                 Monday, March 22

Sweet 16:                        Sunday, March 28

Elite Eight:                       Tuesday, March 30

Final Four:                       Saturday, April 3

Championship:                Monday, April 5


Prizes:  Prizes will be awarded to the top five participants whose bracket’s score the highest at the end of the tournament.  Should there be a tie, a random drawing will be held.


First place prize: Pineider Arman Fountain Pen - Trilogy 
Second place prize: Pineider Forged Carbon Fountain Pen
Third place prize: Conklin Word Gauge Fountain Pen
Fourth place prize: Esterbrook Gift Basket
Fifth place prize:

Atlas Gift Card - $25

Randomly selected prize:

Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream


*Winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 7th at 2:00pm CDT on Instagram Live.  Winners will be notified via email, and the prizes will be shipped at no charge.  You must reside in the U.S. to win.  Atlas employees and vending partners may participate but are not eligible to win.