If You Build It, They Will Come

By Jennifer Houghton

If I were to design my ideal fine writing oasis, I would start from the ground up. Atlas Stationers is doing exactly that!

Between now and the first week of June, the flooring in the storefront is being replaced. All the carpet will be gone and the beautiful hardwood you would expect to see in a place dedicated to all things fine writing will be installed.

Other changes you can watch for over the coming months include layout modifications. For example, the amount of space dedicated to fountain pens will grow from 10 percent to between 40 and 50 percent. This increase will allow Atlas to bring new brands, like Italian-based Gioia and Texas-based Hinze Pens, into the store.

Additional Fountain Pen Displays

There will be 20 linear feet of space dedicated to fountain pen ink, doubling what was previously allotted. This means you’ll see new options, like Dominant Industry and others. So, you’ll have more inks to test at the in-store swatching station.

Fountain Pen Aisle

All of these changes will be taking place while the store is open, so you won’t see things happen all at once. However, the new floor plan leaves room for some pretty exciting future opportunities.

With the expansion of display case space, the storefront will have a more open layout. Patrons will be able to browse more easily and have ample elbow room. They can move leisurely throughout the store without being concentrated strictly at the entrance.

The best part about creating more open spaces? It means there will be square footage available for events. You heard that right! Events! Some ideas being floated as potentialities include: pen club meetings; calligraphy classes; nib tuning classes; and even special A-Team only events.

Keep an eye out on social media for pictures of the progress. We can’t wait to show you how we’re growing to make Atlas a world class fine writing center.


  • Andrew Bartlett

    So happy to see this happen. Over the past two years so many small family owned businesses have suffered and it is heart warming to see a wonderful business like Atlas Stationers strive. I always tell others Atlas Stationers was my favorite thing to come out of the pandemic as I found them. So happy for everyone at Atlas an look forward to all the great things a head.

  • Ally

    So happy you all could remodel. I’m coming from across the country in Sept so I can’t wait to see it!!

  • Zara

    I wish Atlas would expand to Miami! @zarafromdahood

  • Patricia - Ig: @novaplumo

    Congrats! The new layout looks nice. It has an air of more space now. I’m looking forward to visiting the store soon.

  • Damian (IG-@marlin_yo_boi)

    Seeing this makes me sad that there isn’t a place closer to me that has such selection of well everything. I’m hoping to come check it out someday when I go visit my friend living in Chicago.

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